The Team

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Steve Selby (Co-Founder)

Steve Selby is a co-founder of Crucial IP with over 30 years of design experience in video processing, display systems and communications. Prior to co-founding Crucial IP, Steve was a co-founder of Fresco Microchip where he served as Chief Technical Officer since its inception in 2004. During his 5 years at Fresco, Steve led the development of signal processing technology that has revolutionized the way IF processing and demodulation is performed in hybrid television receivers. IC products developed during Steve’s tenure are now shipping in high volume to top tier consumer electronics companies.

Prior to co-founding Fresco, Steve was the Director of Technology Development at Genesis Microchip (now ST Microelectronics) until September 2004. During his 8 years at Genesis, Steve managed the development of digital signal processing and image scaling technology that was a key enabler of the LCD controller industry. Steve also led the development of format conversion technology and enhancement techniques that are the core of the video and image processing used in Genesis’ television IC products.

Before joining Genesis, Steve was the Manager of Multimedia Boards for ATI Technologies (now Advanced Micro Devices) where he was involved with the development of ATI’s TV Tuner and All-in-Wonder products. For the previous 6 years, Steve held hardware design and design management positions at ISG Technologies, where he was a key developer of technology for processing image data from CT and MRI scanners. Prior to this, Steve worked as a hardware design engineer in the telecommunications field for TIE/communications and for CNCP Telecommunications.

Steve received his B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1985 and is a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario. He is the author of 16 awarded and pending US patents.

Warren Synnott (Co-Founder)

Warren Synnott co-founded Crucial IP after 30 years of designing and implementing video, display, and communications systems. Before Crucial IP, Warren was a senior ASIC engineer at Fresco Microchip where he was a key contributor to their current success as a provider of hybrid television receivers.

Prior to Fresco Microchip, Warren was Architect at Jaldi Semiconductor (later acquired by Pixelworks), a start-up developing system-on-chips for video processing and display. Warren was closely involved in every aspect of the functional design of Jaldi’s first IC, including image capture and display, video processing and scaling, DRAM interface, on-screen display system, microprocessor control and test methodology. On the strength of their first IC, Jaldi was acquired by Pixelworks.

Prior to Jaldi, Warren served as Architect and Senior Engineer at Genesis Microchip, developing video processing and scaling ICs.

Warren began his career in 1985 at ISG Technologies, a company providing imaging hardware and software solutions for the medical market. At ISG, Warren developed parallel processing hardware and graphics display systems. Warren received his B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering (1985) from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.